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Updated: Mar 12, 2022


I have never been to a Legal Sea Foods before. I've always heard mixed things about it. Some good things, some bad. I have never heard anything that had made me want to go sit inside and spend my money. Today was time to give them a shot.


I have never heard of Allagash Brewing Company and I have especially never heard of the Allagash White. If you follow my Instagram, you would have already have read a little bit about this beer. What a refreshing beer. It's brewed with oats, malted wheat and unmalted wheat. The unmalted wheat gives the beer it's hazy color and it has a nice hint of citrus to it.

Not many places serve New England Steamer Clams. These are the clams that have the "long foot" or "siphon" that protrudes out of the side of the clam. These are not like little neck or cherry stone clams and can be an experience in itself to eat them. They also have a much thinner shell then little necks and cherry stones. They are usually served with some of the juice that they create during the steaming process and drawn butter. They were very tasty and they did a great job preparing them.

It's a great delight to see Lobster Rolls on a menu as I love lobster, it's my favorite. Legal Sea Foods serves this dish two ways. You can either order it the traditional way with mayo or have it warm butter poached. I recommend the warm butter poach, it was fantastic. The lobster was cooked properly and the sandwich seemed to melt in my mouth as I ate it. The fries on the other hand were not very good. They tasted old and bland. A fresher side fries would have been a better pairing when the lobster itself was done so nicely. Fries are usually the most popular side dish in any restaurant when offered. They should always be perfect.


My service was provided by Arianna, a nice bartender who definitely knew what she was doing. Arianna did a really great job hosting not only me but her other guests. She balanced her attention properly throughout the visit and helped to provide one great experience.


I was very surprised with how much I enjoyed my time at Legal Sea Foods today. I recommend anyone to give them a visit and of course order the Lobster Roll. Maybe even get a little adventurous and order the Steamers. Hopefully the fries will be better the next time. I give Legal Sea Foods a 3.5 out of 5 stars. I still see this as a good score as the service and food were great for the most part. Sadly the fries is what brought the score down, that is how bad they were.

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