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As some of you may have noticed have have been pretty silent lately. I have not been posting anything here on the website and I have been almost nonexistent on social media. The truth is that I have been busy working on some side projects that I hope to be successful in the future. One of these projects is called 'A Glimpse...Volume One'. It's a small collection of short stories that I had released as an E-Book on Kindle and any device. You can find it on Amazon here: for only $0.99 per download. I am currently deep into writing 'A Glimpse...Volume Two' where I am continuing and expanding all of the short stories in Volume One. I look to release Volume Two soon as well as release Volume One and Volume Two together in one extended version as well.

'A Glimpse'started as an idea to test out self publishing on Amazon and it quickly became something more. Over a decade ago I began to explore my passion for writing and I finally finished my first book a few years back. It is still in development and I am currently seeking a publisher for the book. But in the meantime I have discovered that I can set up a history and a universe if you will through 'A Glimpse'. 'A Glimpse' gives the reader a peak into the universe that my book is set it and it is intended to set up a lot of my characters in a way that I never thought I could a few years back.

Take this journey with me in discovering the fictional world I am undertaking in 'A Glimpse' and read as it grows and evolves.

Feast and Fandom will be coming back strong in a big way as I have a few movie reviews in the works as we speak. We are also working on another project with a friend of the website. It's a collaboration that aims to become a great Poseidon adventure. We are looking to release it as a comic book when it's done.

Keep reading below for a glimpse of 'A Glimpse...Volume One' with one of the short stories in the collection called 'The Beast.' It's here for you to read and enjoy for free. Don't forget, visit for the rest of the short story collection for only $0.99.


It was a cold rainy night in the city. A girl by the name of Helena Reese is waiting for her friend Steve to pick her up. They had just partied up in the nearby apartment building. He had parked his car two blocks down the street due to parking being hard to find. He insisted that she wait inside the entrance to the building to keep her out of the rain. Helena didn't listen though. She liked the rain and how it felt when it dropped to her skin. The cold wasn't something that she minded either. She decided to wait outside. Besides, how long could he take to come back?

It was about ten minutes since Steve had left Helena by the building. She didn't know what could be taking him. The wet cold was finally starting to get to her and she decided to return to the entrance of the building. Once she approached the doorway, it was locked. "Damn it. I'll just page up to them." Helena rang the bell to no answer. "That's weird." She hit the buzzer again. Nothing.

"Where the hell is Steve?" Helena said with frustration as she took out her cell phone.

The phone rang and rang and no answer. "Hi Steve. Where are you? I thought you were coming right back?" She dialed again. "Steve, I'm pretty worried. You only part two blocks away." She dialed a third time, but this time she her Steve's phone ring a short distance behind her once she hit send.

She figured that there must have been car trouble and he finally made his way back. She turned and she was taken back. She didn't see Steve. She saw someone else. He was a dark figure who seemed to lurk in the shadows. He was walking in her direction. He seemed to have a creepy smile on his face. Then she noticed what he was holding in his hands. In one hand, he held what looked just like Steve's phone. In the other hand, she was shocked to see a knife that looked like it still had what appeared to be blood on it. Could that be Steve's phone? She hoped it wasn't, but also knew that it had to be. Then the mysterious man made eye contact with her. She began to run.

"Stay away from me!" Helena yelled as she sprinted away from the man down the street. She looked back and he was fast in pursuit. What was she going to do? She knew that she couldn't run forever. She also knew that he was gaining on her. He was fast. She needed to run faster. one block, two blocks, she felt as though each one got longer and longer. He was only a few feet from her now. She needed to get away. He was just too fast. Then she fell.

The man was on top of her before she could try to get up. She fought back as he began to punch at her. He stood up and grabbed her ankles and began to drag her into the nearby alley. This was it. She knew that this was the moment that she was going to die. She screamed to empty streets. No one helped the victims of the city streets. Everyone minded their own business. She knew this. This was it. She prayed that he would kill her fast. She didn't want to be raped. Please, she didn't want to be raped.

He picked her up and threw her chest down against a dumpster. This was it. He was going to rape her. She knew it. Again, she prayed for death. He ripped off her panties and began to undo his belt. She fought back and tried to hit him. He punched her in the kidney and put his knife to her. "You better stop fighting bitch or I'll gut you!" She fought harder and managed to push him away from her. Then someone else showed up.

A large figure leaped from the fire escape of the building next to them and ripped the would be rapist away from Helena. She gasped as she only saw this large beast of what she believed to be a man completely dominate her attacker. She tried to get a good look at this man but could not. For someone so big, he moved very fast. Was he wearing a suit of some sort? She couldn't tell at the moment. He never said a word to her. She just stayed out of the way and watched and this beast kept putting the pain on her attacker. The attacker had no chance. The beast was just too strong and too good of a fighter. She then saw him do something unexpected and extreme. Her grizzly savior grabbed her attacker with both of his massive hands. They seemed more like giant paws. He dug his nails in deep and then ripped her attacker's face completely off his head. She heard the sound of the two pieces of flesh made when they hit the cold and wet concrete. She began to vomit uncontrollably. When she looked up, the beast was still there. That's how she saw him. He was a beast. He stood only a few feet from her in the pouring rain. He was maybe 6'5" or 6'6" and looked very muscular. She noticed that he did wear some sort of suit. He looked like a bear. The suit was so intricate that she couldn't tell what was him or the suit. It also looked real. The suit even had wet and matted hair being wet. He just looked at her. She couldn't see his eyes because they looked to be covered by some sort of lenses, but she could tell that he still looked sad. He did not say anything.

"Thank you." Helena finally worked up the courage to say it. No response from him. He gave her one last glance and then he jumped up to the ladder of the fire escape. He was gone before she could say anything else.

She looked at her attacker bleeding out on the wet concrete, unconscious. She couldn't tell if he was alive or dead. She didn't care. She gave him a good strong kick to the head before making her way back out to the street. The police were already arriving. Somehow they knew to come. Who would have called them? Surely not the onlookers from the neighboring apartments. It must have been the beast. Who was he? How did he know to save me? Helena wondered these things to herself as EMT's began to check her out. She looked up to the roof tops and continued to think to herself as to who her hero could be. She needed to find him. She needed to thank him again. He saved her.

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