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Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Not long ago I took a chance and released my first book through Amazon. It was a shot in the dark and a risk I took because I love to write and I was curious about the process of self-publishing. I admit, I enjoyed the process immensely and I needed to continue the series of short stories that I had put out there. I felt that the characters that I had created could be really excited once they were fleshed out and expanded upon. With A Glimpse...Volume Two, I feel that I have done that. In the same fashion as A Glimpse...Volume One, I just give peaks at the universe that I have created while also telling a deeper story and connected each short story together. I still aim to continue this series because I had a blast writing it and I want to see where I can take these characters. Just like in Feast & Fandom fashion, I don't write for financial reasons. I write because I truly love it. Whether you like my work or not, you get a piece of me with each push of a button. I hope you do enjoy it. You can find my work on amazon and on kindle. I have provided links above in our new "Books & Stories" section to help make it easier for you to find it. I have also included one of the short stories from A Glimpse...Volume Two below for free in order to give you all a sneak peak. Enjoy!


The Visit Part 2

“It’s been three months since Hubert Hemmingway visited me for the first time. Since then, I have had to leave my family and pretty much live in secret while I trained and harnessed my power. Do I regret my decision? Sometimes. I miss my family. They said I could never see them again.” It’s dark in the room. The person speaking is Grace Carter. She has done nothing but train since joining the International Supernatural Bureau (ISB).

“You miss them I’m sure. But you have to understand that you are very important to the well-being of our city and maybe the world.” Charles Owens, owner of the Owens Foundation and direct descendant of ISB founder Earnest Owens. The Owens Foundation is a major force for good in the world as they are the leading organization in philanthropy and charity that operates out of the Owens Building that resides in downtown Manhattan. The Owens Building is one of the most technologically advance buildings in the world. It contains everything from a residential section for the employees of the building, but also office spaces and laboratories that employee world leading scientists who work on everything from inventing tomorrow’s greatest technology to curing disease. The man and his business are considered quite a marvel. If the world only knew what laid beneath the building, the secret home to the ISB.

“I understand and trust me I am grateful for everything you have done for me. But there is so much pressure you are putting on me. I don’t think I can do what you think I can do.” Grace was nervous and obviously stressed out.

“Grace, I get it. Remember you that you can leave whenever you’d like. You are here on your own free will. True, we try to get through the first three months of training uninterrupted to better acclimate you to our program, but you are only human right? I know the terms you agreed may have seemed harsh, but we can arrange for you to see your family.” Charles said with a smile.

“Really? But Mister Hemmingway said I needed to live a life of secrecy.” Grace looked confused.

“Mister Hemmingway needs to get his facts straight. Don’t worry dear. I will speak to Mister Hemmingway.” Charles had a stern look on his face. “I’m sorry that you had been misled Grace but what kind of organization would I be running if I forced our operatives to live lonely lives and do my bidding?” Charles seemed to laugh here.

“Oh wow, that makes me happy. I really like what I do here Mister Owens. I just missed my parents so much.” Grace looked overjoyed.

“Please Grace. I feel this is my entire fault. I should have come to see you sooner. Like I said I will speak with Mister Hemmingway. He’s the temporary head of the ISB when I’m not around and he has his own ideas of how we should run things. I’ll remind him how things go when I see him.” Charles then switched gears a little. “When it comes to your family, I will pay them a visit and put them up in an apartment in the top floors of the building. I will make sure they are very comfortable. Then you can see them whenever you want.” Charles stopped to see the happiness spread over Grace’s face.

“Thank you mister Owens. Thank you.” Grace leaped and hugged Charles.

“Please stop with this Mister Owens nonsense. It’s just Charles.” Charles returned the hug. “Maybe I’ll even find a spot for them in terms of employment.” Charles was genuine. He truly wanted to make Grace happy.

“That would be amazing. I’m sorry if I seemed unappreciative.”

Charles stopped Grace, “Nonsense. I’m sorry for keeping you in the dark in such matters. Now, on to other things. I’ve seen your test scores and I must say that you are very impressive with how well you have adapted to our training. We have only had a few of our cadets catch on this quickly and the ranks of the ISB have been talking. I even see that you may have developed a new ability or two.”

“Yes. Not only have I gotten stronger, but I can also center all of my energy into my hands and create some sort of pressure burst of energy.”

“You can push things without touching them. Interesting. I have a feeling that this just may be the tip of the iceberg. I am hoping that these tests may help us find out how you became so powerful. Have you given any thought to a code name for when you’re in the field?” Charles was writing in her file.

“Cara. It means friend in Scots Gaelic. I feel that would be best.” Grace stood up strong and with determination.

“I like it. It sends a good message.” Charles was suddenly alerted to a transmission coming over the intercom.

“Alert! Alert! A shoot out is currently happening outside of the Owens Building. Everyone please stay inside, the police are on their way.” This alert seemed to be a building wide alarm. Clearly those who worked inside of the ISB wing of the building could handle any sort of trouble.

“Well Grace, are you ready to test out those powers of yours?” Charles turned to see Grace already gone.

Grace was already in her training suit which was a high tech battle suit. She made her way outside and ran directly into the center of the gun fire. It looked to be two rival gangs going to war right in the middle of the street during gridlock. There were six shooters in total. Grace had no fear. She knew she would be okay. She just needed to make sure that the bystanders were safe. She took a few hits from random bullets, but she just shrugged them off and she knocked out each shooter easily one by one.

When it was all over and the dust settled, Grace was in the middle of a media frenzy. As soon as she knocked out the last shooter, the press was all over her. Each reporter wanted to know her name. She didn’t know how to react so she did what came naturally to her. She ran. She knew better than to just run back into the building. She ran as fast as she could to a nearby ally and tried to lose the reporters who were trying desperately to catch up to her.

Just when she felt that she couldn’t get away from them, a secret door opened up on the side of a random building as she turned a corner. It was a large man dressed in a bear suit. He seemed like he was like her. He pulled her into the doorway and quickly sealed it behind them. He listened as the curious mod of people ran passed them.

Grace stood against a wall and just stared at the large man. She didn’t know what to think, she was terrified. Who was this guy? Then he began to speak.

“Charles really just let you out into the public like that. How reckless can he be?” The man sounded like power if power had a sound. He also looked pissed off.

“I have been training for this moment for three months. Charles trusts…” She was nervous, very nervous.

“Shut up. Three months isn’t enough time. Come on. I’ll take you back to the ISB, then I’m going to have a conversation with Charles.” He didn’t let her speak. He just began to walk. When he realized she was still frozen up against the wall, he just stopped and tilted his head like he was waiting. She knew not to make him wait.

“Okay, I’m coming.” She ran up to him.

He just began to walk again and together they made their way back to the ISB.

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