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Hello all.  I just wanted to thank our readers for a great 2018.  This past year I celebrated the release of my novel Chronicles of the Vampire Trinity: Rise of the Fallen.  It was a great experience to get this book out there after years of dedication and hard work.  Thank you to all of you who have read it.

There was also monumental occasion that my wife and I celebrated.  We were over joyed to welcome our baby daughter into the world and made our family just a bit bigger.  There is nothing more incredible than watching your own child being born and I am lucky enough to have watched it twice.  My older daughter is very excited to be a big sister and our family could not be happier.

I just wanted to give a quick Happy New Year to everyone.  Look for more coming from me in terms of literature as I look to release A Glimpse Into Chaos, the follow up to A Glimpse Volume One (now available on and Kindle).  I am also going to begin working on Chronicles of the Vampire Trinity: Hell on Earth, the follow up to Rise of the Fallen.  Also keep an eye on Feast & Fandom as I look to put more focus back onto the website with more weekly features like we used to do with some new and fun articles.

2019 will truly be a remarkable year!

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