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I would love to announce the opening of KnightSlayer Tees! It has been no secret that I have been ready to make this announcement for a while now, you know this if you follow any of my Instagram handles (especially @johnboccellari_author). I have taken my business partnership with my friend Sam Sierra (@sierra_graphics) to the next level with this shop. For the time being, we are running the shop through Etsy and partnering with Printful to bring our fun designs to a t-shirt near you. Head over to to see what we have to offer.

KnightSlayer Tees will also be the home for merchandise for my books and stories. So keep your eyes peeled for those designs coming soon.

Are you sick of the everyday wear? Do you just want to create your own style and show people who the hell you really are? Join the KnightSlayer movement and take back your closet!

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