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While traveling in Miami last month, I did find a restaurant that did peak my interest. If you remember my last review, Rotelli Pizza & Pasta, you may remember that I mentioned that I noticed Metropol as a place that was very busy while dining at Rotelli. Well I went there the following night and I found out exactly why they were as busy as they were. Before going to Metropol, I checked out the menu online. It looked great with a beautiful selection of both Cuban and Puerto Rican dishes and I became excited to check it out in person. Metropol is also located in the Dolphin Mall but has a much nicer space in my opinion. I chose to sit at the outdoor bar with full view of that section of the mall and plenty of customers enjoying themselves.


I was greeted by a fantastic bartender who had originally saddened me by telling me that the Paella that I had wanted would take 45 minutes to cook, but then quickly made up for it by making one of the best martinis that I've ordered out in a long time. After a few minutes of talking, he had steered me to ordering the seafood mofongo with the garlic sauce instead of the red sauce. He had a very strong opinion about choosing the garlic sauce. I figured that I would listen to him. He was a great bartender and knew his business. This was a complete opposite experience from the situation over at Rotelli's the day before. This was also one of the reasons why they were busy. Great customer service.


Aside from the delicious martini pictured above, I ordered the Seafood Mofongo or Mofongo relleno de Mariscos as it is stated in the menu. The dish came with the stuffed plantain which was surrounded with calamari, scallops, shrimp and white fish. My original plan was to order the seafood paella, but I changed my mind once the bartender told me that it would take 45 minutes for it to cook. Was the mofongo a better choice? The bartender waited for me to take my first bite because he knew that I would simply look at at him with a smile that said it all. He was right, the garlic sauce was the way to go with this dish as it elevated all of the incredible flavors. It did not hurt that I was finishing up martini number two by the time my entrée came out. Number three sure did compliment the meal. I finished the meal with a tasty cup of cafecito and a wonderful slice of bizcocho de chocolate which was much larger than the photo depicts which capped off the meal of the trip.


I had a fantastic time dining at Metropol during my trip to Miami. My only regret is that I did not dine here both nights of my trip. With hind sight being 20/20, I would have had the great experience with the mofongo on night one and then I would have definitely waited the 45 minutes for the paella the second night. I find myself now trying to find reasons to revisit Metropol so that I can taste the paella and have more of those delicious martinis. Metropol gets an 8.8 on our Feast & Fandom meter. It's a great score and they deserve it. Great service, great food, great drinks are a winning combination that explains why they are so busy on a Wednesday night. Please make sure to visit them when in Miami. Enjoy!

Metropol is located:

11401 NW 12th St

Miami, FL 33172

(786) 665-7910

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