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First I would like to say that this is our big 200th review! This website started as an idea one night back in October of 2016 while I kept my wife up in bed because I wouldn’t shut up about wanting to do something that involved my passion for writing along with my love for food and movies. I could never be more appreciative of my wife Sharon for not only putting up with me that night but also designing the Feast and Fandom logo and creating this website in all of its incarnations.

From the fear of my very first post to finding my voice through the keyboard up until this very post, this has been a remarkable journey that not only helped me become more confident as a writer but also helped me to become a self published author. Feast and Fandom has never been about creating a new revenue stream for the family or a shot at social media fame but it was to create a space where I can share my thoughts about food, entertainment, travel and more while also becoming a space for those such as yourselves to find valuable information about things that you are interested in. I have found that people such as yourselves have used Feast and Fandom to find out about products such as the items that I post from Trader Joe’s and more. I get an incredible feeling knowing that you Google a product while shopping and decide to purchase that product or not based on my review. Feast and Fandom has proven to be helpful as we have become a factor in the decision process. Thank you all for that as it warms my heart like you could never imagine.

Wildwood is a beach town at the bottom of New Jersey that I have had the pleasure of visiting for a majority of my life. My family would vacation there twice a year while I was growing up and it had become a home away from home to me. This trip would be the first time I had taken my own family there. It is truly fitting that my 200th review be about a place in a town that is so near and dear to me. With that said, let’s get started with our 200th review.

The Mudhen Brewing Company had been on our list of restaurants to try for a few reasons. One, it was planned to be our first stop once we arrived in Wildwood due to the fact that it was on the way to our hotel. Two, the menu looks amazing. Three, we love restaurant brew houses. This would become the trend setter for our trip.


The location itself is beautiful. From the large indoor dining area to the large outdoor dining area (not pictured), the Mudhen seems to be a setting that can cater to all walks of life. I wish that I was able to take a photo of the beer kettles. The brewing room was truly impressive. I would love it if they had brewing classes on site. I feel that it has a perfect space for it.


The staff was quick and attentive with all everyone looking to help each other to service the guest. Great work here with training and execution. The operation looked to move very smoothly and we felt that at our table.


First we ordered drinks of course. You can’t go to a brewery and not try the beer. It goes against everything that I believe. I asked our server about the beer flights because I did not see it on the menu. She made her recommendation with the 1883 IPA, Mudhen Pills, Holly Beach Wheat and the Captain Doug’s Porter. The 1883 IPA was hoppy like an IPA should be. It was nice and I picked up a lot of the pine notes. The Mudhen Pills was very light and easy to drink. The flavor was good but not my favorite. I enjoyed the Holly Beach Wheat a little more that that Mudhen Pills. You get more of the ginger than the citrus notes which I found appealing. My favorite of the flight was by far the Captain Doug’s Porter. This dark ale comes off very much like a stout beer and is delicious and refreshing. I could have drank these all day if I didn’t have the kids with me. My wife had the Shorezy which yes she ordered due to it sharing the same name as the character from Letterkenny. This was a nice light summer beer. Personally it’s not one that I would order after having the Captain Doug’s Porter but it was still very good.

Now that we got the beer out of the way, let’s get to the food. I started with the Fresh Oyster appetizer which was served with smoked onion mignonette, horseradish & lemon. I never had the smoked onion mignonette before and I will admit that I fell in love with the flavors. I am usually a lemon and cocktail sauce lover with my oysters and this accompaniment absolutely made me forget all about the typical cocktail sauce that I love. I then had the Smoked Brisket sandwich which is 12 hour slow smoked brisket, pepper jack cheese, cabbage slaw & homemade bbq sauce on brioche. I had mine with onion rings. The brisket was very fatty but what brisket isn’t. I just thought to mention it because if you are not one who can handle the fat, this isn’t for you. The brisket itself was super flavorful and unbelievably tender. Each smoky bite melted in my mouth. My wife had the Shrimp Tacos which had green & red cabbage, diced tomatoes, pickled red onions, queso fresco and chipotle lime crema on soft corn tortillas. She enjoyed the taco but did comment that this dish was extremely spicy and she was not prepared for it. I would recommend some notation on the menu stating that the tacos are spicy.


Before arriving in Wildwood, my wife and I were most excited to visit Mudhen. We enjoyed the atmosphere. We enjoyed the service. We enjoyed the beer and we certainly enjoyed the food. We did not spend too much time in Wildwood this time around and I just want to let you know that we did consider going back again for another meal. We only didn’t because we had plans to visit other restaurants in the area. We look forward to visiting The Mudhen again during our next visit to Wildwood and I recommend The Mudhen to all that visit Wildwood as well. Hell if you are planning a brewery tour, make sure that Mudhen is on your list. Thank you Mudhen for the great experience and I am proud that we spent our 200th review with such an interesting establishment.

Please make sure to comment on this post or reach to me directly if you want to talk about The Mudhen. Enjoy!


127 W Rio Grande Ave

Wildwood, NJ 08260

609 846 7918


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