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What does one think of when they think of ketchup? I for one will admit that I don't usually put much thought into it at all. Ketchup to me is a bright red condiment made from tomatoes that I like to use with almost anything. I love the flavor of it. I have often asked if I would like some fries with my ketchup because that is how much I use in one sitting. But again, this is something that I had never put much thought into due to the fact that it is something that is more of a reflex than a thought if that were to make sense to you. I am sure most would agree.

Then I began to notice some of the posts from Judge Casey's Instagram page which you can see above. These photos began to make me curious. They were promoting their ketchup which looked more like BBQ sauce to me. This was not the bright red condiment that I was used to, this was something else. Finally I felt that I simply had to try it. I decided to send Judge Casey's a DM and to my surprise, they answered me. I would like to say that they are very nice and seem super friendly. Thank you for that, I appreciated that. Upon contacting them I asked which flavor they would recommend the most. I told them that I wanted to try the very best flavor that they had. Of course they answered by saying the variety pack. Did the restaurateur in me feel that this was a line just to sell three bottles instead of one? Sure. However, I felt that I should give all sauces a shot due to the pleasantness that they had displayed in our conversation. Once I received the variety pack, I quickly found things to dip them in with french fries, chicken and shrimp. I needed to see how the sauces ranked up to my everyday ketchup.

The variety pack comes with three flavors: the Truly Original,the Curry Twist and the Feisty Habanero. All three sauces had the same brown color and thickness. Also when I mention thickness, this sauce is thicker than your usual ketchup. The flavor is fantastic. Judge Casey's tells us that they use California tomatoes with vinegar to create the tangy flavor. Then they add sun-dried tomatoes and raisins to give it a natural sweetness. You can truly taste the freshness with each bite. The Truly Original tasted like a heartier version of ketchup and did not have that acidic feel to it at all. How do the Curry Twist and Feisty Habanero hold up? I just want it to be known that the Feisty Habanero is by far my favorite of the three flavors. That is only because I love spicy flavors. The Curry flavor is not over powering at all and complimented everything that I used it with. All three sauces were enjoyable and delicious.

Judge Casey's provides different ways to use each sauce on their website with their recipe section. I for one would enjoy these sauces each way that they suggest. I can not wait to make a BBQ chicken using the Feisty Habenero Ketchup. As you can see I mentioned making BBQ chicken with ketchup. I feel that this is how this sauce can be used.

I highly recommend Judge Casey's Famously Thick Ketchup to anyone and everyone. Be sure to visit their Instagram page as well as their website and place your order. You will not regret it. Enjoy!

Visit Judge Casey's on the Web at and on @judgecaseys on Instagram.

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