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Rice a Roni for me has always been a tasty side dish that combines the textures of rice and pasta. As a carb lover, I couldn’t be happier. This is not a side dish that I use often. But when I do, I tend to eat the lion’s share of it. So imagine of the surprise that I felt when I saw this microwave instant rice packet on the supermarket shelf. How would it compare to the namesake Rice a Roni that we all know and love?

What a let down compared to actual Rice a Roni. Yes I was aware that there was no pasta in this packet. I was mentally prepared to only having the rice. However I did expect this packet to be loaded with flavor like traditional Rice a Roni would have. The flavor wasn’t quite there. It was simply the exact same as a typical microwave rice packet, nothing different.

I feel that they should pull these packets off the shelf and leave it off until they figure out how to put the same components into the packet as they do in the box or at least something close. I do not recommend these Rice a Roni microwave packs and urge you all to just stick to the classic box and it’s delicious greatness.

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