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If you have not seen this bag of chips on your local Trader Joe's shelf, you more than likely missed them for the year. This time of year, Trader Joe's releases their Patio Potato Chip and it is typically for a short time. Honestly, I have never seen them last on the shelves for the entire summer. When I do see them, I am known to buy a bunch of bags just so that I can make them last as long as I can.

The Trader Joe's Patio Potato Chips is a mix of Sea Salt & Vinegar, Dill, Home-style Ketchup and Smoking Sweet BBQ flavored chips that give an amazing combination of flavor that hit your taste buds from all possible angles. I have always received similar complements about these chips whenever I would serve them during a get together at home.

Head over to your local Trader Joe's to grab yourself a bag or ten bags before they run out of stock. I wish they sold these chips year round, hopefully one day they will. Enjoy!

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